9s Counselors 2021

Eben Cottrelle

2019 was my first year at Nobles and I’m very excited. During the year I work in 6th grade at Bigelow Middle School in Newton, MA. I was a camper at two amazing camps when I was a kid. My favorite things about camp are the day to day adventure it brings and the traditions campers build year after year.

Mariah Oates

My name is Mariah! I am a proud Chicagoan, born and raised, moved to New England! I graduated from Agnes Scott College with a Bachelors in Theater. During the year, I work for Nobles and Greenough as a Fellow for the department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I am so excited to work with Nobles Day Camp this summer. Although 2021 is my first summer with Nobles, I have plenty of experience in camp counseling. I’ve never been a camper before and would have loved the opportunity. I aspire to be a great camp counselor for my rising 9th graders. One of my favorite things about camp is building connections and watching the campers make new friends for the summer. It’s really nice to witness! I am looking forward to a great summer with my campers!

Craig MacDonald

Hey! My name’s Craig, and I recently graduated from the University of Richmond in 2021, where I enjoyed playing ice hockey. I started working at Nobles Day Camp in 2019 and love it so much. I was a camper at another camp when I was little, so it’s awesome to be back. I like seeing all the kids enjoying the activities I loved when I was a camper.

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