CIT Canned Food Drive

Sea + eye + tea + canned + dry + v = CIT Canned (Food) Drive!!!

This year the CIT’s fundraiser will be a Food Drive. Last year they were able to collect over 1500 food items and the CITs went to the Dedham Food Pantry and stocked the shelves themselves. This year we’d like to top that number by reaching 1600.

Here’s how it works:

Bring in any canned or boxed food item and give it to your counselor. They will bring it to the gymnastics gym and place it in the appropriate pile. At the end of Week 6 we will count up the items and see if we can reach 1600. Owls nest will collect their items outside the owl’s office and we will collect them each day!

Thanks for your help in this worthwhile cause!

Bill and Joe (CIT Heads)