For eight weeks every summer, Nobles Day Camp is alive with energy, movement, learning, excitement, and fun.  Then it comes to what feels like a screeching halt.  In less than 24 hours, almost every trace of camp is returned to storage.  The pools are drained.  Campers return to school, and most of the camp staff return to “regular” jobs, college, or high school.

It’s so very quiet at Nobles Day Camp when it’s not summer.  What happens the remaining 10 months of the year, though, is critical to the success of the next camp season.

The camp office is open year-round with staff who trade in their shorts and bucket hats for hoodies and pom-pom hats.  They are preparing for camper registration, working on program scheduling, purchasing supplies, planning trips for our oldest campers, and interviewing staff and CIT candidates.  About 300 staff members are hired to work at Nobles Day Camp each year.  Even returning staff are required to interview for employment.

The Nobles Day Camp office continues to be a busy place in the Fall, Winter and Spring, but it is different than the Summer. We miss our people!  Thinking about our campers and camp family is what motivates us to give it everything we’ve got so that next camp season will be the best summer ever!