In addition to the Nobles Day Camp (for children ages 3.5 to 14), Noble and Greenough School offers several specialty programs run by outst anding faculty and coaches from Nobles and beyond. These programs are geared toward older kids, with the goal of giving kids access to outst anding teaching and coaching.

Our Specialty Camp Programs are designed to be st and alone weeks of camp.  There is no minimum number of weeks required to register for these camps.  Registered weeks in Specialty Camps do not count toward the 2 week minimum for Nobles Day Camp.

All registration is online through Nobles Day Camp. Specialty Programs will appear as an option on the Nobles Day Camp registration form.

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New Drone STEM Camp!


Drobots Company

Drobots Company was originally founded by a small group of parents, educators, visionaries and do-it-yourself engineers. The mission was and still is to inspire students to reduce time in front of a computer screen and instead utilize technology in a setting that promotes collaborative project-based learning in a positive educational environment. Hence, the company trademark slogan, Where Technology Meets Fresh Air™.

The primary goal of any Drobots Company program is to mentor participants on how to become lifelong learners and instill a strong sense of curiosity, confidence and teamwork. Due to the exponential growth of the technology industry, kids and teens may now explore, learn and evolve along with the applications of today and the discoveries of tomorrow. Drobots fosters this new technological l andscape with a unique curriculum and well-trained positively motivated instructors. Click here for more information.

: Kids entering grades 1-7 in 2020-2021    
(see program specific grade levels below)

Times: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
(bring your own lunch)

: 4 Weekly sessions (see dates below)
(does not count towards the Nobles Day Camp 2 week minimum)

: $720

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June 22-26*

*No before, after-care, lunch or bus week of  June 22

StemQuest Jr: Aliens vs. Wizards: Grades 1-3

Description: StemQuest unplugs campers from the computer screen in this action-packed, story-based
program. Throughout the week campers will be constantly on the move as they experiment and play.
StemQuest has intentionally extracted the wide-array of exhilarating challenges and mysteries from
popular gaming apps and turned it all into a live adventure. Campers will use age-appropriate rovers, bots,
drones, and autonomous creative technology to jump over walls, push down obstacles, lift up boulders,
and navigate through galaxies. Teams of campers work together in indoor, outdoor and open-spaced
“worlds” throughout the week. In doing so, campers utilize life skills such as: collaborative problem solving,
design, and curiosity, to outwit, out-build, and out-smart the program instructor, The Wizard.

Ultimate Drone Obstacle Challenge: Grades 3-5

Description: This action-packed program is specifically designed for both the novice and experienced
drone enthusiasts. Full of excitement, teamwork, learning, and fun, campers enjoy one of the world’s
fastest growing sports, Drone Obstacle Course Racing. Throughout the week, campers learn about the
basic safety of drone flying and the history behind drone racing as a sport. As the week progresses,
campers will advance through various skill challenges, learning how to perform assorted exercises and
maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Campers will use iPads and remote
controls to pitch, yaw and roll their drones through some of Drobots’ most daring obstacle courses.
Participants will utilize their creative minds to help design the obstacle layout and then build the obstacle
course in preparation for the camp’s final activity and competition.

Minecraft Mod Creation: EnderDragon Rider: Grades 3-7

Description: Saddle up for the ride of your life with Mod Creation - EnderDragon Rider. This exciting camp
teaches students how to create a rideable EnderDragon mod that students can play with friends and
family. One of our most requested mods ever, Mod Creation - EnderDragon Rider will teach students how
to code in Java using the Eclipse IDE, a professional tool used by engineers at software companies like
Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Students will learn important coding concepts such as conditionals,
loops, inheritance, methods, arrays, and more.

July 6-10

Lego & K’nex Theme Park Grades 1-3

Description: Join us as we build our very own theme parks using LEGO, K’NEX and other awesome
materials. Theme Park Design allows campers to learn and test the science behind roller coasters, giant
slides, and other theme park activities. Build a giant loop and race against other teams in friendly
competitions, use legos to make a zip line glider, and then make a video from the riders perspective as you
crash through your concession stand sending LEGOS everywhere!

StemQuest: Fortnite Battle Squads Grades 3-5

Description: StemQuest Fortnite extracts the thrills from the video screen and delivers the gaming
experience directly into a live setting (without the video screen!). Fortnite has opened up a whole new
world of fun for kids and video game enthusiasts, but now it is time to bring that excitement into the
physical world of STEM. The Fortnite Island presents campers with a variety of head-to-head challenges
where campers will learn to use sophisticated rolling bots, mini foam ball launchers, and jumping drones to
simulate the video game battles. Each “Squad” is comprised of a team of campers who work together to
establish and defend their “Base” against the other Squads of campers, but beware of the shrinking storm,
the Volcano, and Viking Village. The ultimate goal is to earn points, gather resources, and explore new
maps and terrains. Code your rolling bot to land on a portal and teleport around the block strategically to
catch rival Squads off guard and establish alliances in order to bring the Counselor, Giant Mech to its

Roblox 3D Game Development: Battle Royale Grades 3-7

Description: Fans of Fortnite, we need you! Instead of just playing your favorite battle royale games, why
not design your own? In this exciting program campers will use a professional 3D game development
software, like Lua, to build levels and assets and create action and battle sequences inspired by popular
games like Fortnite. In this popular camp students will create a Fortnite-style Battle Royale game in
Roblox! Students will learn both the basics of 3D game development and fundamental programming
concepts using the Lua programming language. This camp is designed for beginner to intermediate
students who are interested in both programming and game development.

July 13-17

Junior Drone Pilot Academy: Grades 1-3

Description: Designed for younger campers with little to no experience flying drones, this program fully
immerses campers into an exciting narrative and experience. The mission: Captain Droby and her crew
(campers) are exploring a faraway planet to discover new energy resources. The challenge: a colony of
pesky aliens who will do anything to disrupt Captain Droby’s crew. To conquer the aliens, campers will use
a variety of flying, jumping, and rolling drones to navigate their way around the planet and successfully
make it back to the mothership. Drobots use the safest and most reliable drone products on the market for
enhanced safety and most of all, fun. Campers will learn all of the safety measures as they prepare to learn
the basics of drone technology before taking to the air. Join our professional counselors for a week filled
with excitement, games, and learning. All campers go home with plenty of Drobots keepsakes and trinkets
so the memories last long beyond the summer.

StemQuest: Mario Kart: Water, Land, & Coaster Racing: Grades 3-5

Description: If you like playing Mario Kart on your console then it’s time to get your hands off the controller
and onto real robots. This is the camp program that brings Mario to life! Throughout the week campers
enjoy endless building and racing challenges (without a video screen!). Robots on the ground are cool, but
are you ready to take your ground bot skills into the water? How about determining the best way to design
and create twists and turns to build the fastest coaster? This program provides all the summer fun a
camper may handle as participants rotate through a variety of thrilling activities. Campers dive right in to a
program that requires teamwork, flexibility and creativity, not to mention a hands-on building of structures
that include: bridges, beams, arches, trusses, and suspension bridges. StemQuest: Water, Land and
Coaster presents an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities that include a unique combination of
engineering, building, and robo-racing. Campers will use their engineering skills in combination with trial
and error to construct the fastest marble roller coaster, design the most agile waterbot, and develop the
most durable land rovers.

Roblox 3D Game Development: Robux Tycoon: Grades 3-7

Description: In this popular camp students will design and code an awesome Advanced Obby and Tycoon
game in Roblox, and then learn how to monetize them to make Robux at the Roblox marketplace! Students
will learn both the basics of 3D game development and fundamental programming concepts using the Lua
programming language. This camp is designed for beginner to intermediate students who are interested in
programming, game design, and entrepreneurship.

July 20-24

StemQuest Jr: Star Wars BB8 Adventures: Grades 1-3

Description:  BB8 Adventures takes STEM to a galaxy far far away. This program combines all of the highlights from the latest Star Wars movies, specifically the newest droid, D-0 and the rest of the popular bots, which are certain to excite your 1st or 2nd grade camper! Each day, teams of campers (Squads) work together, with encouragement and guidance from their Jedi counselors, to customize droid-like robots and complete various Yoda engineering challenges. Throughout the week, campers will dunk intergalactic basketballs into mini hoops, play BB8 battleship, and joust in the balloon popping droid arena. Each challenge presents the campers with hands-on building and engineering lessons to help make their bots jump up ramps, roll through tunnels, and bounce over barriers. BB8 Adventures offers a friendly and collaborative environment, encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship and positivity - all while introducing campers to become active participants with today’s most applicable, exciting, and new technology.

Drone Escape & Rescue: Grades 3-5

Description: This camp introduces the enjoyment of flying drones to the real world application of learning
how to use drones in emergency response situations. This is an action-packed and creative program
where teams of campers (flight squads) face off, taking on both the “rescuer” and the “victim” mentality.
Throughout the week, campers will participate in fun, yet realistic role-playing missions while they attempt
to outsmart and out-maneuver the opposing team. Flight squads also will work together to conduct mock
search and rescue challenges - all in a safe and friendly competitive environment. Campers will certainly
earn their wings, take pride, and gain confidence with each assignment. The key will be how well each
team works together and within their flight squads to conquer the adventures at hand. Also included in this
program are the innovative Drobots Drone Games, including challenges and concepts such as: Keys To
Millions; Spy Drone, Drones To The Rescue, Drone Pod-Racing, and more.

Roblox 3D Game Development: Adventure & Racing Games: Grades 3-7

Description: Do you love Roblox and want to learn how to make your own games? In this exciting camp
for beginners, students will learn the Roblox Studio game creation engine and the Lua scripting language,
and build exciting professional grade games, including Obbies, Racing games, and Dodgeball games.
Students will master important coding concepts such as conditionals, loops, and functions, and learn a
powerful scripting language used by pro developers around the world! Throughout the week campers use
the Roblox Studio editor and Lua (Roblox programming language) to build their very own Adventure Map.
Each day will present a new challenge and a key concept, such as conditionals and variables. The ultimate
goal of this program is to ensure campers are having fun while learning new concepts to progress their
learning and build confidence coding, so they may prepare for the next learning opportunity in the future, all
while having fun!

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