Campers should arrive with a backpack full of items they will need for a great day at camp. Their name and group should appear on all belongings.  We are happy to provide campers with their very own Nobles Day Camp tote bag to transport damp items like swim suits and towels home from camp each day.  Also, we provide one T-shirt per summer for each camper to tie dye.


Here’s what we recommend packing for camp:

  • One or two bathing suits
  • Bathing cap or hair ties for any child with long hair
  • Foot protection like flip-flops, Crocs, or water shoes for walking to/from the pool.  Water shoes may be worn in the pool.
  • One or two inexpensive towels for swimming each day.  Towels should go home each afternoon.
  • Goggles (optional).  Swim masks are NOT allowed.
  • Lunch in a cooler or lunch box, unless ordering lunch from camp in advance.  Lunches are not needed on cookout days.
  • Extra snack (optional)
  • Water bottle
  • Two containers of sunscreen* with at least SPF 25
  • Adequate rain gear for rainy days
  • Change of clothing and a sweatshirt
  • Extra 100% cotton, white T-shirt, tank top, and/or socks for tie dye (optional).  Towels, sheets and sweatshirts are not permitted to dye.
  • Also, OWLS NEST CAMPERS should pack a clear plastic bag with underwear, socks, T-shirt, shorts, and sweatshirt, each clearly labeled with their name

Here’s what we recommend wearing to camp:

  • Closed-toe protective footwear, like sneakers, to prevent injury
  • Washable, inexpensive clothing
  • Hats and swim shirts for sun protection
  • Sunscreen*
  • Insect repellent*

*Sunscreen and bug spray should be applied PRIOR TO the camper’s arrival at camp.  Campers will be assisted or reminded to reapply sunscreen as needed throughout the day.  Campers cannot share sunscreen or insect repellent due to allergic and skin reactions.

Campers SHOULD NOT bring:

  • Personal sports equipment
  • Toys, dolls and stuffed animals
  • Live animals of any kind
  • Toys which, in any way, resemble or might be mistaken for any kind of weapon, including squirt guns
  • Trading cards
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Alcohol, drugs and tobacco of any kind, including marijuana, e-cigarettes and vaping devices
  • Electronic games
  • iPods, cameras, or cell phones
  • Money in any form
  • Group snacks or special treats


The camp assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to camper’s personal property.