Instructions for Washing Tie-Dye Creations


  1. Tie-dyes should sit for at least 12 hours before rinsing/washing.  They can sit longer if you’d like the color to be stronger, or shorter if you like a more faded look.
  2. Wear gloves, like the kitchen or surgical type, and old clothes or an apron while washing.
  3. Remove the tie-dye from the bag and rinse under cold water, allowing excess dye to run off.  After a few minutes, remove rubber bands/string and continue to rinse and squeeze the tie-dye to remove excess dye.
  4. When the water runs off and is mostly clear, you can stop rinsing and place it ALONE in the washing machine.  Add detergent and set for COLD wash and COLD rinse.
  5. Tye-dyes can go in the dryer.

After following these five steps, your tie-dye can be washed with your color items in your normal wash.