January is a wonderful time for both reflection and preparation.  It is a time to review the prior year, recall how our actions made us feel, and set goals for the new year with a renewed purpose.

At Nobles Day Camp, we are doing all of this.  We are thinking about our camp family from 2023 and the super fun time we had together.  We recall feelings of excitement and enthusiasm as staff was reunited, and campers gained a greater awareness of their strengths, passions and incredible potential.

Reflecting on last summer helps motivate us as we plan for our 77th year of camp.  We are interviewing both returning staff and potential new staff for counselor positions now. We are considering the best activities to offer our campers for an enriching and memorable experience.  Mostly, we are getting so excited just thinking about what the summer ahead will look like.

Here’s wishing you the best 2024 has to offer!