Our staff is the heart and soul of Nobles Day Camp. They bring enthusiasm and experience. They are teachers, athletes, musicians, artists, dancers, mentors, students and parents. The connections they form with campers and with each other create the close-knit community that keeps so many coming back year after year. Click on the links or scroll down to meet our activity staff.


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Jim Bowes, Head, Beth Costa, Head

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Arts and Crafts

Joe Knaus, Head, Maria Feloni, Alys Tsolias

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B&W Photo

Bob Keene, Head, Gabe Krakauer



Lauren Bent, Head, Becky Abbott, Head, Laura Lang

The BEE Zone

Chris Wood, Head


Cal Randall, Head, Toby Snedecor, Head, Ethan Clark, Tyler Duffy, Chase Cronin, Eli Schotland

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Shivaun Brenizer, Head, Lisa Walker, Head, Arlo Sandoval-McDuffy


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Amber Dunlap, Head

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Joe Feintuck, Head, Luke Young

Friendship Bracelets

Kathleen Cahill, Head, Eva Postizzi

Fun with Food

Joan Chan, Head, Addison Brenizer

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Polly Attridge, Games Galore Head, Donna Baresi, Legos Head

Projects and instructions


Olivia Duffy, Grace Baas

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Paulina Chin, Head, Kemba Webson


Ali Wentzell, Head

Outdoor Living Skills

Lisa Posner, Head, Julie Sullivan

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Pix and Flix

Rebecca Levitan, Head, Matt Glen, Head, Zach Dangel

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Trevor Landurand, Head

Rock Band

Sebastian Hamzeh, JamZone, Dedham

Ropes Course

Dan Reid, Head, Jonathan Couto, Head, Philip Vara, Daniel Darvensky, Chris Athanasia, Emma Sanders, Nick Rodriguez, Austin Packard

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Cindy Lambrecht, Head

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Colin Vogelgesang, Head, Johnny Sally, Brian Bechtel, Ben Young, Evan Chan, Jack Reynard, Jenna Naumann

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Terri Cojohn, Head, Emma Cardarelli, Kathryn Driscoll, Abigail Attridge, Andrew Doweiko, Nora Driscoll, Yomaris Fernandez, Kaitlin Gillette, Hannah Goldstein, Jack Leitzes, Macy Lindberg, Emily Lucas, Sophia McCusker, Hattie Noble, Justin Power, Sophie Schelter, Daniel Sicard, Ella Berger, Grace Gillis, Rubi Gonzalez, Cianna Donadio

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Teen Cuisine

The Chefs of Teen Cuisine


Andrea Keohane, Head, Will Goldman, Alex Kalvelage


Jim Parr, Head

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Tie Dye

Liz Kaminga, Head

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  Woodworking 1

Maurice Sicard, Head, Will McLean

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Woodworking 2

David O’Neill, Head, John Ryan

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